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Eye Bolts: Different Types and Uses

There are different types of eye bolts. It is important to use the right one for certain applications.

Bolts have been used for centuries to attach two things together. Eye bolts are no different and these are rather commonly used for many purposes. An eye bolt is a screw with a loop on its non-threaded end. These are usually used to attach cables to various objects.  In factories they are used to move moulds, stamping dies, equipment and machinery.

There are different kinds of eye bolts that are ideally used for different purposes.
•    Nut eye bolts
•    Swivel hoist rings
•    Machinery lifting eye bolts
•    Eye nuts


How to Choose the Right Eye Bolt

Swivel eye bolts allow for full swivel and pivot action. This allows the part to flip and turn without unhooking. It eliminates the bending problem that can occur if regular eye bolts are used as severe angles (see Technical Information).

There are bolts with shoulders or without. Machinery eye bolts that have a shoulder are better for angular loads up to 45 degrees. Plain, regular (non-shoulder) or ring bolts are better suited for vertical loading.

Another important thing to remember is to orient the eye bolt with the sling or hook. Applying the load sideways may cause the bolt to bend. One sling should be attached to one eye bolt.

What are Eye Bolts Made Of?

Eye bolts are made of various materials. Soft steel such as that used with “Bent” or “Turned” eye bolts is not the best material to work with. These perform poorly and are designed for light duty job… never for lifting as the can bend or break easily.  Forged eye bolts are much stronger and are rated and often galvanized to prevent rust.

Stainless steel is also used in food plants, the marine industry and in corrosive conditions.

These are some of the things one should know about eye bolts. There are different types for different lifting uses. Different types should also be used for different loads. The size and material determines the maximum load capacity that an eye bolt can handle. Make sure to use the appropriate type of eye bolt properly to stay safe and avoid injuries while using them.

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