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Rope Hardware: Used For All Rigging Needs

Rope hardware consists of everything one could ever need for rigging and lifting. A lot of devices fall under this category.

Ropes are used for many different purposes. These are used in construction, seafaring, exploration, sports and communications. Aside from ropes, people also make use of hooks, links and other fastening devices.

These are the different components used as rope hardware. Various attachments, fasteners or links are used for different rigging and lifting purposes.


Ropes are thicker and stronger than cords, lines, strings and twine that are made from the same material. These can be made of natural or synthetic fibers.


Chains are a series of links that are made of metal. Chains are used when heavier loads are involved. These are more flexible chains used for lifting, pulling and securing.


These are connections used so that the rope or chain can turn freely. It can then rotate horizontally or vertically.

Double Clevis Links

A clevis fastener is typically a three-piece system that consists of the clevis, clevis pin and tang. It is a U-shaped device similar to a shackle. Double or twin clevis is composed of two clevises directly opposite of one another. Each clevis has a pin closure. These are usually used to join two lengths of chain.

Master Link

A master link can is an oblong or pear shaped piece of metal that is used to connect other links or fasteners.

Snap Hooks

Snap hooks are easily removed and replaced. These can easily be used with one hand. It features a quick release mechanism to remove and reattach the device.

Quick Links

Quick links are often used with climbing hardware. It is similar to a carabiner which mountaineers use. The main difference between them is that a maillon or quick link has a threaded sleeve which tightens over a thread. This makes a more secure connection that a carabiner which can easily be removed.

Chain Repair Links

Chain repair links are used as a temporary fix to keep broken chains tight and in place. The two broken pieces are attached to a chain repair link.

Cold Shut

A cold shut is also used as a temporary fix for broken chains. It is used as a coupling attachment for low carbon chains. It should not be reused when the closure has been made.

Wire Rope Clips

These are used to fix the ends of the wire. It is used at the end that is usually looped back to the wire rope.

Wire Rope Thimbles

Wire rope thimbles are installed inside the loop of a wire’s ending. It secures and protects the cable from abrading and pinching on the inside of the looped end.

Fist Grip Clips

Fist grip clips are also wire rope end fittings. These will have to be tightened accordingly. Wire rope tends to stretch and shrink when loads are applied. Using more clips will also need an increase in the amount of rope turn back.

Aluminum Sleeves

Aluminum sleeves are used for cable swaging applications. Swaging is done in order to connect two wire rope ends together. A machine is used to press the sleeves in order to make a permanent connection.

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