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Limited Warranty Information

C-Mack Supply Co. warrants that products supplied meet the criteria and specifications as advertised herein and that products are free of material or workmanship defects.  C-Mack Supply Co. in no way warrants beyond what is stated herein as our products may be used in various applications, some of which may not be recommended, and which may exceed the intended performance design of said product.  (Please see “Technical Information  for additional information)   If a product is found to be defective, C-Mack Supply Co., at its sole discretion, will replace the product or refund the purchase price unless said product is found to have been altered or subjected to misuse.

The remedies set forth herein are inclusive and exhaustive of all remedies offered.  C-Mack Supply Co. will not be liable for losses, physical or monetary, delays in production, or any other incidental or consequential claims arising out of the purchase, resale or use of these products.  C-Mack Supply Co. authorizes no other person or employee to extend additions to or other warranty, either orally or in writing, beyond that which is stated herein.

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